• 14-05-2024
    Congratulations to Zongchao who won the 3rd prize in LIFS PG Seminar! His presentation topic is Comparative genomic analysis of primary IDH1-wt glioblastoma between East Asian and ancestry of European population.
  • 30-04-2024
    Dr.Quanhua MU will be appointed as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology (ABCT), the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) from July 2024. Big Congrats to Prof. MU!
  • 18-03-2024
    Welcome Yimeng QIAO to join the lab as an RPG student!
  • 18-03-2024
    Welcome Dr. Ming YANG to join the lab as a Postdoc Fellow!
  • 19-02-2024
    Welcome Dr. Yanbing WANG to join the lab as a Research Assistant Professor!
  • 05-12-2023
    Congratulations to Dong and Yiyun! The paper "Noncoding mutations cause super-enhancer retargeting resulting in protein synthesis dysregulation during B cell lymphoma progression" has been published by Nature Genetics!
  • 13-11-2023
    Welcome Fufang QIU to join the lab as a Visiting Student!
  • 13-11-2023
    Welcome Dr. Yunqing LIU to join the lab as a Postdoc Fellow!
  • 29-10-2023
    Welcome Dr. Zheng WANG to join the lab as a Postdoc Fellow!
  • 29-10-2023
    Congratulations to Junyi and Zongchao! The manuscript "MGSA: a Multi-ethnic Germline-Somatic Association database to decipher multi-layered and interconnected genetic mutations in cancer" has been provisionally accepted for publication in Cancer Research.
  • 29-10-2023
    Congratulations to Zheng ZHAO and Zongchao! The paper "circRNADisease v2.0: an updated resource for high-quality experimentally supported circRNA-disease associations" has been published by Nucleic Acids Research.
  • 05-10-2023
    Congratulations to Quanhua and Ruichao! The pan-glioma evolution paper has been published by Science Translational Medicine.

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